NANA Regional Corporation contributes to Hunter Support Program

The Maniilaq Hunter Support Program is pleased to announce that the NANA Regional Corporation Board of Directors, through its Economic Development and Sustainability Department, has contributed an additional $500,000 to Maniilaq’s Hunter Support Program for FY 2024.

Maniilaq and NANA are working together to provide immediate assistance to support subsistence activities for our regional elders and community members, especially during a time when the cost of fuel is so high. We hope that with this additional contribution, subsistence activities can continue, and more elders and families will see the direct benefits of this partnership.

The Hunter Support Program issues funds to each participating village, designated for the purchase of gasoline, motor oil, and ammunition. The purpose is to assist hunters and gatherers in providing for their village Elders who are unable to do so on their own. Furthermore, these funds are meant to ensure that the Elders within each village can maintain traditional niqipiaq (traditional foods) within their homes.

Please contact Cyrus Harris, Hunter Support and Natural Resources Advocate, with any questions and/or for additional information regarding this program at 907-442-7914 or