Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program + Medicaid at Maniilaq

Our health services are covered by both private and public health insurance programs. Through partnerships with United Way and ANTHC, we can keep care affordable and benefit our entire community. When you register for T-SHIP and Medicaid, you get expanded coverage and Maniilaq Association benefits, making us better able to serve everyone in our community.

Insure yourself. Ensure your community.

Insure Yourself.

Sign up for T-SHIP.

Maniilaq Association is partnering with United Way and ANTHC to ensure everyone is insured – beyond what IHS provides. This additional insurance helps cover costs for health care and related expenses, such as travel, lodging, prescriptions and more.

T-SHIP is free to you and every person who signs up helps Maniilaq continue to provide services for our communities.

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Tribally-Sponsored Health
Insurance Program

Alaska Native and American Indian people with IHS-sponsored health insurance should also sign up for T-SHIP coverage.
T-SHIP provides services not covered by IHS, such as:


Increased access to health care options – even if travel outside the Tribal system is required


Vision and dental coverage for family members under the age of 19


Access to free tax preparation


Support for all Maniilaq health services for every community member

Are you eligible for T-SHIP?

Expand your health coverage. Apply for T-SHIP.


T-SHIP staff will screen you and your family to see if you qualify, if you:

o   Are you an Alaska resident

o   Are eligible for Indian Health Services;

o   Are not covered by or eligible for Medicare Part A, Medicaid, Denali KidCare, TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or affordable health insurance through an employer.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for IHS or Medicaid, we can help! Contact us today.

Application Process

Contact Maniilaq to apply. We’ll help verify your eligibility and guide you through the application process. This service is confidential and available at no cost to you.

We are here to help by providing free, confidential application assistance. Contact us today to get started!

Kathy Nielsen

Revenue Cycle Specialist


Expand your health coverage with Medicaid.

Medicaid provides extra insurance for low-income individuals.  To check your eligibility, visit:

United Way offers free, confidential application assistance to those who need it. Contact us today to get started!

Lucy Henry

Alternate Resource Specialist II

Matilda Foster

Alternate Resource Specialist I

Medicaid Annual Renewals
restarted April 1, 2023

Alaska returned to the regular pre-pandemic process of Medicaid annual renewals on April 1, 2023. There are two steps you need to take to make sure you complete your renewal on time and stay covered:

Make sure that your contact information is up to date with the Division of Public Assistance so that important information about your coverage gets to you. This is especially important if you have moved in the past three years, or your phone number has changed.

You can update your contact information by calling our Medicaid Information Update Hotline at 833-441-1870 or with our Medicaid Information Update Form. Learn more.

Check your mail for important information about your coverage. You will receive a letter in the mail from the Division of Public Assistance sometime between April 2023 and April 2024. This letter will tell you if your coverage has been renewed, or if a response is needed. If you receive a renewal form in the mail, fill it out and return it as soon as possible. Do not throw it away!

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Partners and Providers: Help Us Spread the Word

We will need your help to share information to make sure everyone stays informed and stays covered.

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Insure yourself. Ensure your community.