Behavioral Health Services

Counseling & Recovery Center Intake Forms

In an effort to limit contact between Maniilaq staff, we encourage you to download our intake forms below and submit electronically via email or mail.

If this is an emergency or you feel like you are in a crisis please call 911 or your local emergency number.

Forms may be returned by emailing or mailing intake to PO Box 256 Kotzebue, AK 99752.

For any questions or issues you have please call the Maniilaq Counseling and Recovery Center at 907-442-7640

Forms to download: Request for Services/Admission, Consent to Release Information, Clients Rights & Privacy Practices, Substance Use Services Client Treatment Contract, MCRC Client Handbook

Counseling and recovery services – (907)442-7640

Maniilaq Counseling and Recovery Services provides culturally relevant mental health and substance abuse treatment to the people of the Northwest Arctic Borough and the village of Point Hope. We accept individuals of all ages from various lifestyles and backgrounds. Services are family-centered and include individual and family therapy, play therapy, crisis counseling, and other modalities as necessary. We use comprehensive assessments with recommendations for treatment that are tailored to the individual’s or family’s strengths and needs. It is the intention of our agency to engage and support our consumers for successful outcomes. In the event a person’s needs are unable to be met, we will refer the individual for the appropriate level of care. We provide a Level I Outpatient Treatment facility with early intervention, outpatient, and continuing care services. This assists consumers to transition to a residential facility, if appropriate.

Wellness program

The Maniilaq Wellness Program encompasses a community outreach approach. It serves to assist, support, and engage natural leaders in the Northwest Arctic Borough. This includes encouraging these leaders to be involved in wellness committees, which may develop, nurture and help to promote healthy community activities to make their communities a healthier place. Suicide prevention plays a key role in our Wellness program. A main focus of the program is learning about unique triggers for suicide in our region and researching our unique facets of resiliency and strength. Recovery Support Leaders (RSLs) assist in making connections between formal (VBCs and therapists) and informal (friends, uncles, aunties, pastors, taatas, etc.) supporters of recovery. It is the vision of RSLs to provide ongoing recovery support activities for those thinking about, or committed to, recovery. Activities may include talking circles, regular sober gatherings, and others.

Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide (PC CARES) is a community health education intervention designed, supported, and implemented by the remote communities of Northwest Alaska.  Together, we can save lives!  Check out the PC CARES website at

Tribal vocational rehab

For more information please call 1-800-504-2268 or 907-475-2162 ( Tom Cyrus in Kiana) or 907-494-2122 (Charlene Hadley in Buckland) The goal of the Maniilaq Association Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program (MTVR) is to increase and improve vocational rehabilitation services for individuals diagnosed with a disability. The program works with individuals determined eligible to develop and reach a vocational goal based on strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, capabilities and informed choices. A person is eligible if they:

  • Have a disability which results in substantial problems in obtaining employment;
  • Vocational rehabilitation services from MTVR are required by that person to prepare for, get or keep a job and
  • Are able to get or keep a job after receiving services.
  • Are Alaskan Native or American Indian or ANCSA shareholders (must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe).
  • Reside within the Maniilaq service area.

Supports are designed to assist people in returning to the workforce and/or subsistence activities. Applicants must have proof of Alaska Native or American Indian decent and live within the Maniilaq service area to participate in this program. Non-Native applicants are provided referral assistance. MTVR serves the entire Maniilaq service area and operates out of the villages of Kiana and Buckland.  The program is currently staffed with a supervisor, Tom Cyrus, and TVR Counselor, Charlene Hadley. Services are provided based on individual needs. Some of these services are:

  • Medical, psychological and vocational evaluation to determine the nature and degree of the disability and the consumer’s job capabilities,
  • Counseling and guidance to help the consumer and family plan vocational goals and adjust to the working world,
  • Training to learn job skills in trade school, college, university, on the job or at home,
  • Hearing examinations, hearing aids and other communication equipment, aural rehabilitation and interpreter services for the deaf and hearing impaired,
  • Medical treatment and/or therapy to lessen or remove the disability,
  • Assistive devices such as artificial limbs, braces, and wheelchairs to stabilize or improve functioning on the job or at home,
  • Help setting up your own business and self-employment
  • Help with restarting or continuing subsistence activities
  • Rehabilitation technology devices and services to improve job functioning,
  • Training in appropriate work behaviors and other skills to meet employer expectations,
  • Follow-up after job placement to ensure job success.