Pharmacy Residency Program

Maniilaq Health Center
436 5th Avenue
Kotzebue, AK 99752

Phone: 907-442-7182
Fax: 907-442-7309

Director of Pharmacy

Freddy Kaniki, PhD, PharmD

Residency Program Director

Denzel Mann, PharmD, BCPS

Type of Training Site

Acute, Ambulatory Care, and Long Term Care


ASHP Accredited

Facility Information

Located just north of the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue Alaska. The Joint Commission Accredited Maniilaq Health Center provides health, tribal and social services to residents of Northwest Alaska. A non-profit corporation, Maniilaq Association represents twelve federally recognized tribes and is located in Kotzebue, the hub city for 11 different villages within the Northwestern Arctic Borough.

Maniilaq Health Center provides services ranging from Emergency Room services, Acute Care, an Ambulatory clinic, Dental clinic, Eye clinic, Social Services, Tele-Medicine, Behavioral Health, Long Term Care and Diabetes management. Each surrounding village has a clinic staffed by Health Aids (CHAP), a provider-level that is unique to rural Alaska. Additionally, The Maniilaq Health Center is connected to ANTHC (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium) allowing for easier transitions of care to and from tribal facilities all around Alaska.

Rotational Experience Opportunities

The Resident learning experience contains every facet of services offered at Maniilaq Health Center. Focus is on developing personal, professional and clinical skills to Resident standards. The rotational learning experience is split between Acute and Ambulatory settings. The Resident will be immersed and integrated into Acute Care, Emergency, Administration, Population Health, Antimicrobial Stewardship and Ambulatory Care settings. We are also partnered with multiple IHS around the country to offer advanced elective experiences.

Unique Features

Life in the Arctic provides an essential life and clinical experience. Intensely beautiful is an appropriate description. Watch the aurora borealis on the surrounding beaches (yes beaches). Feel the pull of the salmon on your line in water. Listen to the icy crunch under your feet while on mountainous snow covered peaks. Northwest Alaska offers a seemingly endless expanse of untamed earth. Take a second and Google Noatak National Preserve, Serpentine Hot Springs, and the Kobuk National Wild River. These are all a short distance away. Exploration and adventure were invented here. Like many parts of rural Alaska the best ways to get there are by dog sled, plane, snowmobile, ATV and boat. Bring your passion and let the surrounds inspire you.

In the land of the midnight sun there is more time to find what you are looking for.