Encouragement Tips for Parents: Modeling the Inupiat Ilitqusiat Values

We are all struggling to make sense of out this rapidly changing world and our feelings about the Covid issues as we go about our daily family responsibilities. Lets focus & help build good close relationship for our families:

Give your undivided attention when your children talk to you. Do not be distracted by the TV, VHF, or other busy things within the home The best gift during this time is to share yourself {thru talking) everyday with your children or household family.

Look a child in the eyes. You can sit down or bend down to their eye level and you will be able to see that they understand you and your feelings better. They will know that you are not distracted and they will try to be the same too.

Teach children to listen … say their name respectfully or/and gently touch their shoulder or back before you start talking. This is your special time & talking space together. Eye contact is good and shows respect for the quality time.

Practice listening … ask children about their school day and if they helped anyone or played games with someone new. This shows interest IN what they are feeling and learning. Listen for the “feeling words” they are using. Might be a good time to teach and expand a new feeling word. {Real happy, really laughed good , the value of hard work, humor and respect for others).

Catch all children and teens being “good”. Praise builds confidence and cooperation builds respect for others and strong communication skills. Never put others down. Share good news & healthy ways with your family and friends!

Say “I love you” to your children so they know you care and how you show respect to them in other kind ways. This brings a sense of belonging, being safe & secure under your care.

Respect your children and Elders and use friendly tones of voice, just as you would with other special friends and co-parents.

As parents, we are the first teachers and change causes stress on families. We have the choice to turn things around in our families- be positive and learn to “affirm” all feelings in a good way. 

-Linda Joule