MyHealth is a health management tool provided by Cerner® and a way for you to access some of your health records online.

Log on to MyHealth.

For 24/7 password help, please call 877.621.8014


Mobile Device App

Access your MyHealth portal on your smartphone or other mobile devices. In your app store search: HealtheLife. The HealtheLife mobile app gives you real-time and easy access to your MyHealth online portal.

What records are available on MyHealth?

 MyHealth provides access to parts of your health record. It will not include all the information related to your treatment. You can view the following: 

  • Clinical record summary (allergies, immunizations, health issues, discharge summary, surgeries and procedures) 
  • Limited lab results (excluding sensitive test results or results that may require further discussion with your provider) 
  • Limited personal information 
  • Clinical document generator (a snapshot of medical information for a single visit or all visits) 

You should not rely on MyHealth for full and complete access to your health record. If you need a copy of your complete medical record, please contact Medical Records at 442-7299.

How do I sign up for MyHealth?

Registering for a MyHealth account is simple and easy: 

  • In order to sign up you must have an email address. (Personal email address is preferred) 
  • Ask your registration clerk to sign you up. You will be given a pin. 
  • Remember your pin - you will need it to activate your account. 
  • You will receive an email invitation. Follow the instructions in the invitation in order to activate your account. 
    • The message will come from the Alaska Tribal Health System.
    • Check your spam folder if you do not see a message in your inbox within 24 hours.

All steps must be followed for each account you request. 

Is MyHealth Secure?

Yes. MyHealth is HIPAA compliant and provides you with the ability to securely view, store, and share your health information. 

To keep your health information confidential, DO NOT share your password with anyone.