Employees recognized for longevity

Wilma Goodwin is honored with a 35-year Longevity Award for her work in Women’s Health, accepted on her behalf by her daughter, Andrea Goodwin (pictured between Chief Nursing Officer Teri Doughfman-Billings and President/CEO Tim Gilbert). Wilma has been in continuous service to Maniilaq Association since July of 1988 and received a prestigious Daisy Award for excellent care in nursing in 2023. Congrats, Wilma!

On the morning of October 27, 2023, employees gathered at Maniilaq Health Center for the 2023 Longevity Awards, hosted by our Human Resources department and emceed by President/CEO Tim Gilbert. Congratulations to all our awardees who have reached such significant milestones, and thank you for your dedication and service!

Here is a list of awardees, by length of service:

5-Year Awardees: Melissa Foster, Joelene Lane, Daisy Lambert, Lee Stalker, Marcus de la Cruz, Russell Hanshaw, Brent Ticket, Taylene Sampson, Courtney Hildreth, David Vensko, Marlene Centino, Freida Moon-Kimoktoak, Warren Compton, Linda Ticket, Camithia Norman, Robert A. Curtis, Catherine Jones, Esther Kaniki, Mary Willis, Alisa Gilbert, Susan Tessier, Margie Adams, Shaneeka Rude, Lucy Henry, Kristen Sheldon, Ashley Nies, Vera Atoruk, Mary Garfield, Lisa Kinsel

10-Year Awardees: Robert Hernandez, Christopher Madison, Steffanie Whitmore, Kevin Moto, Sunny Higbee, Jane Winzer, Gordon Strickland, Mary Sage, Bertha Commack, Allison Wasuli, Laura Mitchell-Evak, Jackie Hill

15-Year Awardees: Karen Schmit Office Manager – Optometry, Cushla Thompson Certified Nurse’s Aide – Utuqqanaat Inaat Long Term Care. Stanley Tomaszewski Recycling/Backhaul Coordinator – Office of Environmental Health

20-Year Awardees: Stephanie Woods Dental Health Aide Therapist – Dental Program, Ruth Zent PhysicianMedical Staff, Dean Eisel Resident AssistantHCB Waiver Program, Jessica Thomas Deputy DirectorWorkforce Development

30-Year Awardee: Rosie Barr CHA/P & Clinic Supervisor, service since 1993, Shungnak

35-Year Awardee: Wilma Goodwin Women’s Health Case Manager, service since 1988, Kotzebue

President/CEO Tim Gilbert addresses the crowd at the Maniilaq Health Center lobby on October 27, 2023, for our annual Longevity Awards. Many remote and village-based employees tuned in to the ceremony via Zoom and were honored from afar, and many employees attended in person.