Announcing our new CHAP Program Manager

Maniilaq Association is overjoyed to announce our new Maniilaq CHAP Program Manager, Mary Hingsbergen! Learn a little about Mary, in her own words:

Mary Hingsbergen

It’s an honor to have been selected as your new Maniilaq CHAP Program Manager, I look forward to working with you all beginning April 1, 2024.

I started out my career with Maniilaq on February 4, 2008, as a CHA-T in Selawik, finally becoming a CHP in 2014. I’ve held various positions within CHAP Administration since 2017, from Coordinator Instructor, Assistant CHAP Manager, and acting CHAP Manager. A little over 16 years with Maniilaq CHAP, broad experience with leadership roles sitting on various committees. To name a few: ARC and RAC, CHAP directors, and eCHAM committee member. Also knowledgeable with CHAP Certification Board Standards and Procedures. Helped write outside of eCHAM policies and procedures that aren’t written in the eCHAM.

I’m grateful to have learned from one of my greatest mentors, former respected CHP C/I, Elsie Dexter. She was my instructor for Pre-Session back in 2008, signed me off on all my PSLNs (of course I probably didn’t have any, because of the great team of ‘teachers’ from Selawik who taught me a lot before and after trainings). Elsie also showed me the ropes when I first became a C/I and helped me to understand ARC, RAC and CHAP Directors.

I’m very thankful for all the support from my family and kids, and their understanding of sacrifices we all made when I had to travel and be away from home for trainings and work. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all. I, too, hope to be able to grow one of our own health aides to one day become a leader in CHAP administration like Elsie did for me.

We would like to wish Mary a heartfelt congratulations on her new role and acknowledge her many years of service as a Community Health Aide/Practitioner. CHA/Ps provide essential services to our remote villages, and are lifelines and role models in their communities. Her leadership in the program and her institutional knowledge will be an invaluable asset to our organization.