Senior Administration

Tim Gilbert, President/CEO

Charlie Nelson, Vice President/Tribal Government Services Administrator

Tom Bolen, Capital Projects Director

Anthony Cravalho, Planning & Development Director

Paul Hansen, Health Services Administrator

Paul Mueller, Chief Compliance Officer

Todd Ramoth, Director of Facilities

Henry Roy, Chief Financial Officer

Chad Sheldon, Interim President/CEO

Carol Schaeffer, Administrative Services Director

Kelli Shroyer, Public Communications Manager

Bree Swanson, Social Services Administrator

Gerty Viveiros-Gallahorn, Human Resources Director

Board of Directors

Percy Ballot, Vice Chair
Address: P.O. Box 15 Buckland, AK 99727
Phone: (H) 907-494-2165 (W) 907-494-2171 (C) 907-903-0331 Fax: 907-494-2192
Alternate: Gary Hadley
Village: Buckland

Eva Kinneeveauk, Treasurer
Address: P.O. Box 94 Pt. Hope, AK 99766
Phone: (H) 907-368-2815 (C) 907-529-4275 Fax: 907-368-2332
Alternate: Jim Nash
Village: Pt. Hope

Johnetta Horner, Secretary
Address: P.O. Box 51011 Kobuk, AK 99751
Phone: (H) 907-948-2223 (W) 907-948-2217 Fax: 907-948-2241
Alternate: Colleen Sheldon
Village: Kobuk

Tanya Kirk, At-Large
Address: P.O. Box 07 Noatak, AK 99761
Phone: (C) 907-412-1969 Fax: 907-485-2137
Alternate:Jane Adams
Village: Noatak

Isabelle Booth, Member
Address: P.O. Box 50003 Kivalina, AK 99749
Phone: (H) 907-645-2216 (W) 907-645-2141 (C) 907-306-2587 Fax: 907-645-2181
Alternate: Dolly Foster
Village: Kivalina

Diana Ramoth, Member
Village: Selawik

Alternate: Tracy Sampson

Leslie Sampson, Member
Phone: (H) 907-636-2079 (F) 907-636-2284
Alternate: Wilbur Howarth
Village: Noorvik

Guy Adams, Member
Alternate: York Mendenhall
Village: Kotzebue

Emerson Moto, Member
Address: P.O. Box 14 Deering, AK 99736
Phone: (H) 907-363-2148 (W) 907-363-2138 (C) 907-903-0332 (F) 907-363-2195
Alternate: TBA
Village: Deering

Amanda Johnson, Member
PO Box 73089 Shungnak, AK 99773
Phone: (H) 907-412-1132
Alternate: Michael Tickett
Village: Shungnak

Louie Commack, Member
Alternate: Virginia Commack
Village: Ambler

Lorena Walker, Member
Address P.O. Box 96 Kiana, AK 99749
Phone: (C) 907-475-5032
Alternate: Daniel Douglas
Village: Kiana


Human Resources

The Human Resources office provides the following services: assistance and guidance to hiring managers in the hiring and on-boarding process of new employees, full-services to all current employees for information regarding their employment, answer questions regarding policies, front line resource for employees and managers with questions regarding employee relations matters and interpretation of the Employee Handbook, recruitment, drug testing, fingerprinting, background checks, benefits, employee appreciation, longevity awards and Employee Orientation.

Maniilaq Association is an EEO/Native Preference employer, meaning that qualified Native applicants will be given hiring preference over non-Native applicants. A list of current  job vacancies and application information branches from this page. Additional relief and contractual jobs may be available but not displayed on the vacancy list. For information regarding these types of jobs, please contact the Human Resources office.

Planning & Development

Planning & Development provides technical, writing and general assistance to Maniilaq Association programs and regional partners with projects ranging from grant proposals, funding requests, applications & forms, renewals, documents, data research, MOA/MOU, letters of support, formatting, printing & publication, writing, power point and other presentations. Additionally, Planning & Development will maintain tracking of organizational data requested of the Maniilaq Board data and provide technical assistance with strategic planning.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology manages and maintains all telephone, FAX, computer systems, software and hardware throughout Maniilaq Association infrastructure. IT also manages the computer systems of the Traditional Council Offices throughout the Northwest Arctic Borough, as well as the corporate offices of the Northwest Iñupiat Housing Authority.

Additionally, IT installs and maintains private wireless Internet connections in 10 communities for, a joint service venture between Maniilaq Association, OTZ Telephone Co-op., and General Communications Inc. (GCI). For more information, or to sign-up for Internet service, please visit

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects Program is responsible for planning for and implementing projects that address the infrastructure needs of the company. The effort includes a Mater Planning process as well as specific project planning and development. Implementation of Capital Projects is accomplished through two methods:

  1. in-house or “force account’ projects for small projects, and
  2. contracting in the competitive public marketplace for larger projects. In either type of effort, the program is responsible for project oversight and project management. Capital Projects can include major asset procurement, major renovations or additions, and new facility construction.