Summit Award 2015

Maniilaq Association has recently been awarded the prestigious Summit Award for quality.  This award is presented to sites that meet all GPRA Quality Measures.  GPRA (Government Performance and Results Act) requires Federal agencies to demonstrate that they are using their funds effectively toward meeting their missions. The law requires agencies to have both a 5-year Strategic Plan in place and to submit Annual Performance Plans describing specifically what the agency intends to accomplish toward those goals with their annual budget request. Every year, the agency reports on how the agency measured up against the performance targets set in the Plan.

GPRA measures include clinical, such as various diabetes measures, cancer screening and others; Office of Information Technology (OIT)-related, such as increasing sites using certain software; quality of care, such as % of accredited hospitals; prevention, such as immunizations and injury prevention; and infrastructure, such as access to or improved sanitation facilities.

For additional information about GPRA and annual IHS performance measures, visit the Planning and Evaluation GPRA web page