Employee Spotlight: Neva Davis

The Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association will soon be highlighting the career paths of several Maniilaq employees as a part of a job recruitment and retention initiative. One such employee is Senior Accountant Neva Davis, who has answered some questions about her career path and growth in her field.

Maniilaq Association Senior Accountant, Neva Davis, pictured ice fishing. Photo courtesy of Neva Davis.

Tell us about your path to this career. How did you get here? What inspired you to take this role?

I always had an interest in Finance. I first attended Alaska Tech Center then acquired a job in Accounting at Maniilaq Association. I soon realized that I wanted to do more and decided to enroll back in college to gain degrees. I earned Associate degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. Then I returned to the finance department at Maniilaq Association where I am now a Senior Accountant.

Since you’ve been here, how have you grown and how has your career developed? 

Since I’ve been here at Maniilaq Association I have learned more about our business as a nonprofit healthcare provider. I believe accounting is the root of many things. Even knowing accounting basics allows you to engage more deeply in business conversations. I have been allowed to develop my professional skills, gain knowledge, and create a new career path in Accounting. My job has allowed me to share my experiences and strengthen my skills as a leader

What were some of the challenges you’ve faced on your journey? How did you overcome these challenges?

Challenges have pushed me to further my career by continuing school. Accountants need to be detail-oriented, enjoy working with numbers, and be highly focused, at times you will be under pressure to meet deadlines and will have to multitask while keeping a level head. Being willing to learn new things, includes using the latest software and processes. Working through these kinds of challenges for my career here has ensured financial stability to fully support myself and my family.

Describe a typical day in your role.

On a typical day, I start with emails and prioritizing tasks. I receive many emails and phone calls throughout the day. Some requests are time-sensitive and might require a prompt response regarding budgets, budget projections, audits, and grant reporting these are a few of the daily tasks. At times I also have management duties, overseeing the Finance/Accounting Department as the Acting Controller. 

What’s your favorite part about working in healthcare in Alaska? 

Working at Maniilaq Association you will get to network with a lot of professionals in the Medical Field, Tribal Government, and Social Services. In my experience, there are no limits on what you can learn. You will get to build on your career here. My time here as an employee has helped me gain a lot more confidence in myself. Maniilaq has helped me tremendously these past 10-plus years. The memories and experiences here are things that I will remember for a lifetime.

Neva Davis (right) pictured with loved ones. Photo courtesy of Neva Davis.