Cable and Trigger Lock Demonstrations

We know that making it just 10 minutes harder to access a weapon can save the life of someone suicidal. We also know that we can prevent accidental injuries in homes where loaded guns may be found by children.  

Save a life, secure the guns in your home.

In general, always follow these gun-safety tips:

  • Keep guns unloaded when not in use.
  • Lock ammunition in a separate location.
  • Use a trigger or cable lock. 
  • Place gun in safe or lock box.

Cable Gun Lock Demonstration – Shotgun, By Ramsey County

Gun lock demonstration – handgun, By Ramsey County

Gun lock demonstration - semi-automatic rifle, By Ramsey County

Trigger Lock for Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols (Bargain) By Fieldsports1

    The information on this page is not a complete list of information but can help people understand more about how to properly use trigger locks and cable locks on firearms.

    Always read and follow the gun lock manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

    Gun owners are responsible for the safe use and storage of all guns kept in their homes.

    Use of the items in this safety kit does not guarantee complete gun safety.