The Vision Statement was prepared by the employees of Maniilaq Health Services, coordinated by the Quality Improvement Council, using a collaborative process begun in the Fall of 1995 and completed in May 1996.

Our Vision Statement consists of four interrelated parts: Purpose; Mission; Vivid Description; and Core Values & Beliefs.

The PURPOSE speaks to Why We Are Here.

The MISSION says Where We Want To Go, And By When.

The VIVID DESCRIPTION is a picture of How We Will Look When Our Mission Is Accomplished.

We commit to the CORE VALUES AND BEliEFS as Standards For Our Behavior.

This Vision is lofty and very difficult to achieve, but provides us with a common direction and a focus for our motivation and energy. We call on the employees of Maniilaq Health Services to commit themselves to making every aspect of this Vision happen, in unity, using teamwork.

We ask all other employees of Maniilaq Association, and all of our patients and regional community members, to help and encourage us in our efforts. We request that you forgive us our shortcomings as we struggle to learn, grow and succeed in improving your health service system.


All customers of Maniilaq Health services, including its employees, are empowered, and involved partners in its high quality services and healing atmosphere.


Maniilaq Health Center provides comprehensive health care to all the people in our service area while promoting prevention, fitness, wellness, holistic strategies, and incorporating local traditional core values and beliefs.

Vivid Description

How we will look when our Mission is accomplished.


  • Our customers are informed partners in their care. They are involved in improving their health and use health care resources wisely.
  • Our customers are delighted and enthusiastic about our services
  • Opportunities abound for everyone to be educated


  • We have a healthy, safe, clean environment in all our facilities
  • State of the art facilities and utilities are in every village
  • Our customers experience a comforting, inviting atmosphere when they come in the door and know they will receive the highest level of care
  • The Inupiaq culture is sustained and reflected in the care we provide
  • All available means are used to enhance communication
  • Conflicts are resolved through supportive mediation


  • Empowered employees are working harmoniously to achieve excellence and to reach Maniilaq Health Services and personal goals
  • Continuity of care is achieved through staff retention
  • Many Native health professionals are at work
  • We take pride as leaders in the community SERVICES
  • We provide quality services throughout our villages
  • Continuous improvement is a way of life
  • All waste is reduced
  • Our suppliers share our mission
  • Everyone believes possibilities are limitless
  • We are at the forefront of the healing arts
  • Medevac services are of highest quality
  • Substance abuse is eliminated

All customers of Maniilaq Health Services, including its employees, are empowered, involved partners in its high quality services and healing atmosphere.

Core Values & Beliefs

At Maniilaq Health Services, we establish these values and beliefs to be the standard for our behavior.

  • We believe that change is not only inevitable, but presents us with opportunities for improvement and growth
  • We will work together to continually improve all that we do
  • We will promote an environment of openness, trust and integrity
  • We will respect confidentiality for all
  • We will be concerned and caring and treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • We will celebrate diversity while promoting harmony and self-respect
  • We believe work should be fun and fulfilling
  • We strive to be fair and consistent in our dealings with others
  • We believe in taking responsibility for our actions
  • As ambassadors for Maniilaq, we will strive to be a good example for others
  • We believe in preserving and promoting Inupiaq values and culture
  • We believe that all employees can excel and we will support the development of their full potential
  • We believe our best decisions are guided by fact rather than opinions
  • We will provide a safe and healthy work environment
  • We will support the assumption of individual responsibility for health through sharing knowledge and skills