Ikayuutiluta Avatmun inuunayhliqput aasiin nakuutlukumuuq.

" Working together to make our lives better."


Maniilaq Association is seen as the premier model for creating successful, healthy communities through the planning, development and strengthening of village-based services supported by strong, accountable tribal self-governance.


As the premier model for success in a constantly changing world, our customers are delighted with our services, continuous improvement is a way of life and Maniilaq's foundation is rooted in financial security. We have the highest rate of native professionals delivering services in a healthy environment and our employees are happy, well-trained, innovative and productive. As a result of the strong, active, effective and accountable leadership of our Tribal governments and the Maniilaq Board our services are established and easily accessible at the village level, and our communities are thriving, in control and confident of their destiny. Our people are physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy, and through the preservation of language, tradition and Iņupiat Ilitqusiat values we have ensured the survival of our culture.