Health Services

Phone: 907-442-7340

Paul Hansen
  HS Administrator



Maniilaq Health Services manages and maintains all medical, clinical, and nursing services, including the eleven village clinics and the Maniilaq Health Center. The division is Maniilaq Association's largest and most extensive, offering a broad spectrum of health support services, ranging from Eye Care and Dental to Acute Care and Tribal Doctor services.

Through a collaborative process, Maniilaq Health Services employees have developed a vision for the future. To view Maniilaq Association's Vision Statement, click here.

Maniilaq Health Center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The Health Center is surveyed by JCAHO at least every three years to ensure appropriate patient care and patient safety. Patients have the right to contact JCAHO if they feel they have received inappropriate care that has not been resolved by the Health Center. If a patient wants to contact JCAHO, they can contact either Louise Conwell at 442-7346, Renee Skeels at 442-7351 or by e-mail at