Health Administration

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Business Office
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Medical Records
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Patient Advocate
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Business Office

This department ensures that the hospital has correct demographic data on file. This department also assists patients in applying for Denali Kid Care insurance and bills third parties for services that can be reimbursed. The billing aspect of the department allows Maniilaq Health Center to supplement its Indian Health Services funds to maintain present services as well as to expand and improve services.

Medical Records

Medical Records creates a medical record number and a chart for every patient seen at the Maniilaq Health Center. The department processes the paperwork generated from each visit, and maintains and preservers each file. Medical Records also keeps relevant information flowing to appropriate departments, such as Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, Dental, and Eye Care.

Patient Advocate (Community Services)

This department addresses concerns, questions, complaints, and comments from the public. Maniilaq employees participate in the process by obtaining patient phine numbers and concerns and then referring them to the community specialist.

Quality Assurance (Q-PI)

Quality Assurance was designed to assess the overall efficiency of operations while continually improving organization and patient care. Quality Assurance also acts as a liaison between the Maniilaq Association and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). JCAHO ensures compliance with state and federal regulations by establishing standards that all healthcare providers must meet. A JCAHO survey is usually conducted every three years to evaluate performance. Q-PI assists the Maniilaq Health Center staff in complying with JCAHO standards.