Traditional Foods

Traditional Foods provides supplemental fish and game to elders aged sixty and over . Through the Hunter Support agreement, the program also provides support funds for tribal governments to enable local volunteers to purchase ammunition, gas, and oil to hunt for village elders who are no longer able to harvest traditional foods on their own.

Tribal Doctor

The Tribal Doctor program provides a holistic approach to health services using traditional medicine and healing techniques. When appropriate, Tribal Doctors refer patients to the Maniilaq Health Center for additional treatment.

Housing Improvement

Housing Improvement provides renovation of substandard housing and construction of new housing for eligible tribal applicants with the greatest need, using the guidelines provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their selection criteria.

Planning & Development

Planning & Development: Assists tribal governments in planning and developing expanded projects and programs, and provides technical assistance to villages in search of funding, program-development and planning.

Realty Services

Realty Services provides information, counseling, and other assistance to tribal members and their heirs concerning pending Native Allotment claims, forest management, general land management, and property rights.

Probates & Estate Services

Probates & Estate Services helps tribal members and their heirs to understand the importance of preparing a Last Will and Testament and understand the probate process and inheritance.


Subsistence endeavors to preserves the subsistence rights of Native Alaskans in the region testing and providing current hunting and fishing laws and regulations upon request.