The Board of Directors consists of twelve full-time members, each of whom is elected to a three-year term by the Tribal Councils of his/her respective community. One representative from the Tribal Council of each of the eleven communities in the Northwest Arctic Borough, and a representative from the village of Point Hope, form the Maniilaq Association governing body.

The Board of Directors is subdivided to form seven committees that focus on different aspects of Maniilaq Association's operations. Individual board members also represent Maniilaq to groups concerned with various Native health, tribal, and social issues.

For further information about the Board of Directors, contact Paula J. Octuck
Executive Assistant for OFP (P) 907-442-7615 (F) 907-442-7824

Maniilaq Association Board of Directors (Revised: November 18, 2014)

John Lincoln, Chair
Address: P.O. Box 456 Kotzebue, AK 99752
Phone: (C) 907-444-1655 Fax: 907-442-2162
Alternate: Lance Kramer
Village: Kotzebue

Eva Kinneeveauk, Vice Chair
Address: P.O. Box 94 Pt. Hope, AK 99766
Phone: (H) 907-368-2815 (C) 907-529-4275 Fax: 907-368-2332
Alternate: Nancy Oviok
Village: Pt. Hope

Johnetta Horner, Secretary
Address: P.O. Box 51011 Kobuk, AK 99751
Phone: (H) 907-948-2223 (W) 907-948-2217 Fax: 907-948-2241
Alternate: Colleen Sheldon
Village: Kobuk

Isabelle Booth, Treasurer
Address: P.O. Box 50003 Kivalina, AK 99749
Phone: (H) 907-645-2216 (W) 907-645-2141 (C) 907-306-2587 Fax: 907-645-2181
Alternate: Dolly Foster
Village: Kivalina

Ben Atoruk, Member-At-Large
Address P.O. Box 110 Kiana, AK 99749
Phone: (C) 907-903-0333 Fax: 907-475-2180
Alternate: Raymond Stoney
Village: Kiana

Diana Ramoth, Member

Village: Selawik

Robert Sampson, Member
Address: P.O. Box 184 Noorvik, AK 99763
Phone: (H) 907-636-2079 (C) 907-412-0811 (F) 907-636-2284
Alternate: TBA
Village: Noorvik

Percy Ballot, Member
Address: P.O. Box 15 Buckland, AK 99727
Phone: (H) 907-494-2165 (W) 907-494-2171 (C) 907-903-0331 Fax: 907-494-2192
Alternate: Nathan Hadley Sr.
Village: Buckland

Emerson Moto, Member
Address: P.O. Box 14 Deering, AK 99736
Phone: (H) 907-363-2148 (W) 907-363-2138 (C) 907-903-0332 (F) 907-363-2195
Alternate: TBA
Village: Deering

Michael Tickett, Member
Address: P.O. Box 73012 Shungnak, AK 99773
Phone: (H) 907-437-2144
Village: Shungnak

Roselynn Custer, Member
Address: P.O. Box 34 Ambler, AK 99786
Phone: (C) 907-412-1439
Alternate: Virginia Commack
Village: Ambler

Tanya Kirk, Member
Address: P.O. Box 07 Noatak, AK 99761
Phone: (C) 907-412-1969 Fax: 907-485-2137
Alternate:Jane Adams
Village: Noatak