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Personal Leave

What follows is a brief sketch of Maniilaq Association's personal leave policy. This is for general information only; for specific details consult a supervisor or the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

Personal Leave
Personal leave is accrued from the date of hire, but cannot be used until after 90 days of employment. At the end of each pay period, accrued annual leave is determined based upon the number hours worked. The rate of accrual for a full-time employee is as follows:

Years of Service Leave Accrual per Hour Worked Maximum Leave Hours per Pay Period Days per Year
2 years or less .115 9.23 30
2 to 5 years .135 10.77 35
5 to 10 years .154 12.31 40
10 years or more .173 13.85 45

Military Leave
Any full-time and/or part-time employee of Maniilaq who is regularly scheduled to work and is a member of the State National Guard, State Reserve Corps, or a Federal Reserve Military Unit shall be entitled to be absent from his/her duties with full pay (less military pay) for up to fifteen (15) calendar days in any calendar year in the performance of officially ordered military duty and while going to or returning from such duty.

An employee who has successfully completed the probationary period shall be entitled to a Military Leave of Absence without pay to serve on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and shall be entitled to the reemployment-benefits of the Universal Military Service Act as amended, 50 U.S.C., Section 459.

Court Leave
While on jury duty an employee will receive full pay from Maniilaq minus the amount of jury fees actually received by the employee. The employee shall be required to turn in monies received for Jury Duty Service to the payroll office in order to receive his/her regular pay.

Voting Leave
When possible, an employee shall be allowed reasonable time off duty to register to vote and/or vote without loss of pay or accrued leave. The employee must have his/her supervisor's permission before taking such leave.

Paid Holidays
Paid holidays include the following:

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King/Della Keats Day
President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day
Columbus Day/Maniilaq Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Employee Appreciation Day (day after Thanksgiving), and Christmas Day

Holidays that fall on Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays that fall on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.


Pay Period
Pay periods will begin every other Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and end fourteen (14) days later at midnight Saturday.

Paydays are biweekly, every other Friday.

Pay Raises
If approved by the Board of Directors, on the first pay period of October all employees with a satisfactory performance record hired before July 1 of the current year may receive an annual increase in pay.

Pay Advances
A regular employee who accrues leave may request a salary advance of no more than $500 for each request. Employees are limited to three requests per calendar year.

Shift Differential
Non-exempt employees who work between 6:00 pm and midnight receive evening differential of 3.75%. Those working between midnight and 6:00 am receive night differential of 7.5%.

On Call
Employees "on call" receive additional compensation only if they are actually called back to work.

Fringe Benefits

Maniilaq Assocition offers Health, Dental, Short-Term Disablity, and Life insurance, in addition to other benefits, to eligible employees. Retirement benefits are also available. Contact the Human Resources department for specific information.


When a full-time employee at or above a salary range 13 must move to Kotzebue, Maniilaq Association contributes to the cost of moving expenses as follows:

Single Employee
Airfare plus moving expenses incurred up to $3500.

Employee, Spouse and/or Dependents
Airfare plus moving expenses incurred up to $5000.

Employees will sign a Memorandum of Agreement to reimburse Maniilaq Association if they work less than two years, on the following schedule with the Offer Letter of Employment:

Length of Service Reimbursement
Less than 1 year 100%
One year but less than 24 months 50%
24 months or over 0%

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Maniilaq Association offers referral to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or other appropriate services and rehabilitation programs which provide education, prevention, counseling, and treatment to Board Members, employees, and their eligible dependants, who are experiencing problems with drug or alcohol abuse, psychological problems, marital, family, or child difficulties, work stress, and financial or legal problems. This request for assistance may not be used as a means of avoiding disciplinary or other action if the Board Member or employee has violated Maniilaq Association's Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace policy or any Maniilaq Association policy.

The confidentiality of individuals utilizing the EAP is to be protected within the limits of the law, consistent with protecting the safety of the Board Member or other members of the Board, or of the employee or other employees.